Recent Projects




Arbitration & Mediation Work


Recent bilingual (English/Mandarin) arbitration engagements have included:




  1. "" (HKIAC, 2016)

  2. "" (HKIAC, 2016)

  3. "" (HKIAC, 2015)

  4. "" (HKIAC, 2015)

  5. "" (HKIAC, 2015)

  6. "" (HKIAC, 2014)

  7. " (Panel HKIAC, 2014)

  8.;” (Panel HKIAC, 2014)

  9. "" (HKIAC, Decision, 2014)

  10. "" (HKIAC, 2014)

  11.” Domain Name Dispute (Teenee Media Company Limited v. Linda C. Austin) (HKIAC, 2014)




  1.” Domain Name Dispute (Galaxy Rainbow Limited v. (2014)




  • securities/contract: 13-02013 (2013); securities/contract: 13-03118 (2013); securities/fraud: 13-02539 (2014); securities fraud/misrepresentation/fiduciary duty/contract/negligence: 11-2799 (2014); trust dispute/unsuitability: 15-02267 (2016)




  • general cross-border commercial and IP/domain name (ongoing);

  • securities (2012);

  • professional responsibility (2008); 

  • landlord-tenant (2009);

  • commercial real estate (2009);

  • airline (2010)



Training programs:


We have provide trainings in Hong Kong, Mainland China, the US, Singapore, Macau and Thailand with both public and private sector entities in the areas of:


  1. Collaborative negotiation

  2. Financial dispute resolution

  3. Cross cultural mediation

  4. Investor-state mediation

  5. International arbitration


Past clients:


  • The United Nations Office of Human Resource Development;

  • HSBC; Hang Seng Bank; HKMA

  • Ministries of Justice (Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Laos)

  • Duke University; Santa Clara University; Stanford University.




“Highly interactive, Interesting activities; promoted open creative thinking”; “Encouraging”; ”eager to help" ( HKU Evaluations, 2008-2013)


“Practical and well organized”; “enthusiastic; group activities supported... [learning] objectives.” (Stanford Evaluations, 2006)


“Insightful and organized." “respectful of opinions and comments… One of the best instructors I have yet had.” (UC Berkeley Evalution, 2004)



Systems Design and Evaluation


We have conducted consultancies in the areas of dispute systems design and evaluation.


Dispute Systems Design:


  1. Facilitation of a waste-management public consultaiton in Hong Kong (at the HK Stock Exchange)

  2. Design of mechanisms of community natural resource consultation in Peru and South Sudan.

  3. Development of commercial dispute resolution mechanisms in the West Bank/Gaza.

  4. Design of client IP mediation preparation programs in Northern California.

  5. Establishment of a framework for land dispute resolution in Sri Lanka.


Joint Evaluation and Assessment:


  • Court annexed arbitration and administration of justice programs in Northern California and the West Bank/Gaza.  

  • The impact of a community natural resource consultation process in Cajamarca, Peru.


Past clients:


  • USAID, the World Bank/IFC,

  • US District Court (N. Calif) and 

  • Norwegian Ministry of International Development.

  • Public International Law and Policy Group