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We provide dispute resolution and legal services to private and public sector enterprises. Our primary objective is to increase productivity, creativity and problem-solving in organizations through neutral services (arbitration/mediation), corporate maintenance, legal advisory services, collaborative team training, joint dispute systems design and evaluation. 




Learn about Resolve consulting and its people.




Learn about our neutral services, collaborative negotiation training, dispute system design and evaluation work.




Our past projects are featured here.


“Practical and well organized”; “enthusiastic; group activities supported course objectives quite well.” (Stanford Evaluations, 2006)


“Insightful and organized." “very respectful of opinions and comments… One of the best instructors I have yet had.” (UC Berkeley Evalution, 2004)


“Highly interactive, Interesting activities; promoted open creative thinking”; “Encouraging”; “Approachable, eager to help” ( HKU Evaluations, 2008-2013)





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